Thursday, March 18, 2010


why do the top two in the-most-loud-mouthed-people-at-work list have such a strong accent that the first word you hear them speak will let you pin point the state..and even the town from which they hail??

and why do they keep talking with each other ALL the time??

and why are they seated next to each other even though they are working on different projects??

and why is their cube right next to mine??? :((

Friday, March 05, 2010

Jumping Signal

got this in a mailing list..

Two people on a bike at red light:

Second person (sitting behind on bike) to first person (the rider) :
Be brave, no one is coming from other side. cross red light.

Then they crossed red light .

second person to first :
Did you see ? nothing happened. and we saved our time.

Next day:
Again second person to first :
Be Brave, cross red light. we ll reach very early.

.. and they crossed...

Next day:
Second person called first (on phone) :
Hello, I am waiting , where are you ?
First: I am in Hospital, Got an accident.
Second: what happened ? , Did you cross red light again?
First: No !
Second : then what ?
First: I was going when light was green
Second: So ?
First: Some "Brave" guy was coming from other side (red light).

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Kanthi is in paper!! :D :D :D
Hindustan times, delhi edition has an article about being a network a career option..and K is covered in this article..i havent seen the print version yet..the online article is here

Monday, September 28, 2009


Yahoo! new ad..guess its on TV in US, and should be on air in India sometime it here

I personally liked the ad, its trendy, colorful, energetic and young..but one problem that i see does not really say what you can do with new yahoo..but guess the idea was to spread the word that there is something new about yahoo front page and let the user figure things..after all..the whole thing is about you :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

I never knew how beautiful things can be when everything comes together. Had been to Udupi, Pajaka, Kaup beach and a wonderful beach resort last week. A lucky streak of coincidences made it a trip to remember. It rained like crazy before and after our trip - just the 3 days that we spent there were free of rains; the cloud cover due to the break in rains was just right for an awesome sunset and for us to play in the beach without getting sun burnt; we had the whole beach for ourselves, because the following weekend was a long weekend and we were the only guests in the resort; apparently, dolphins migrate around that region during oct, but we got to see around a dozen of them in mid sep; and on the last day of our stay a peahen came knocking at our cottage door; and best of all, having someone special to share it all with :)

Have uploaded photos on my flickr accounts. To see person(al) photos, click on footsteps and for photos without people click on the star fish.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

are those few seconds that you save by jumping a signal more important than your limbs and even life??

Thursday, July 09, 2009


a post after a long time..and that too..a shameless 'ad' post..hehe..

have been uploading few pics from our travels( pics taken in blr) to a new flickr account..a very selective collection..was planning to link it after uploading all pics that i want to upload..but having uploaded only 30 or so pics in almost 5 months..i figured i would never reach that stage.. is the let me know what you think

and here is the link to old collection..which was updated ages ago